Parenting a child with special needs is challenging and
often not appreciated by others who have never experienced
it. Traditional methods of discipline tend not to be as effective
with autistic children, and parents are often blamed for their
child's inappropriate public displays of resistance, frustration,
and responses to sensory overload. In addition to the
difficulties experienced by the child, this can lead to caretaker
burnout, depression, and family conflict for parents who then
have a hard time establishing an adequate support network
for themselves.
     Dr. Thede provides parent training to help parents better
understand Autism and their child's behaviors. She focuses on
behavior modification that emphasizes reinforcement of
positive behaviors rather than punishing negative behaviors,
as this approach is supported within the research literature as
being more effective. It is based on Applied Behavior Analysis
(ABA) aimed at targeting specific behaviors using a win-win
      Dr. Thede can be reached at 719/473-9200 if you are
interested in scheduling individual training or group classes.