Over 30 Years of
Experience in
Raising a Child
with Autism
Play Therapy - A child makes sense of
the world through play, especially when allowed
to freely explore various themes such as
nurture, aggression, rescue, and others within
a safe environment. For more information, click
on this icon.

DIR-FloortimeTM Therapy - This
Developmental, Individual-Difference,
Relationship (DIR) based approach to therapy
focuses on the child's functional developmental
stages and has a growing body of research to
support its use with autistic children. For more
information,click on this icon.

Behavior Modification (ABA and
CBT) -
Problem behaviors can be caused by
several things, and it is important to identify
the purpose or function of a child's behavior in
order to know and understand how best to
change it. Click here for more information.

Skill Development - Many children with
an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD,
Attachment Disorder, or Mood Disorder have
difficulty getting along with others. They may
be seen as oppositional, disorganized,
unmotivated, or have poor social skills, poor
anger control, poor time management skills, or
seem unable to use the skills they've learned
when it really counts. Click here for more

Diagnostic Assessments - Diagnosis of
an Autism Spectrum Disorder and other
psychological conditions is available through the
use of standardized objective tests in
conjunction with a thorough review of the
child's developmental history and current
clinical presentation. Click here for more

Neuropsychological Evaluations -
Sometimes a more thorough evaluation is
necessary in order to understand the
relationship between your child's behaviors and
how information may be processed within the
brain. Click here for more information.