Dr. Linda L. Thede is a Licensed Psychologist,
Professional Counselor, and National Board Certified
Counselor specializing in the evaluation and treatment
of Autism Spectrum Disorders. She has 45 years of
experience in learning the idiosyncrasies associated
with Autism and their effect on individuals and
families. Because of her life experiences and extensive
studies, she developed a passion for helping
individuals of all ages to improve their skills in
socializing, communicating, coping, and getting along
with others, as well as increasing public knowledge
about Autism and related disorders.
In order to increase the availability of diagnostic
evaluations and treatment in Colorado, Dr. Thede
established the Thede Family Center for Autism &
Neurodevelopmental Disorders in 2012, whose
services continue to be in high demand. Since its
inception, the Thede Family Center  has provided
professional services to over 2,000 individuals and
families. Dr. Thede continues to consult on evaluations
exclusively through Whole Kids Co.
Dr. Thede is also available to consult with other
professionals seeking advice on how best to help their
autistic clients and students. She can be reached at
719/473-9200 for further information.