Our Clinical Staff
Linda L. Thede, PsyD
LPC, NCC, Psychologist
Candidate - CEO & Clinical
Dr. Thede has provided diagnostic
and/or psychotherapeutic services to
more than
500 individuals on the autism
spectrum and their families. Her research
has been published in peer-reviewed
journals, and she has personal
experience with family members on the
autism spectrum, providing her with
intimate knowledge of the needs of the
autism community. Dr. Thede has been
trained in the K-12 school setting and
provides autism spectrum diagnostic
evaluations, neuropsychological
evaluations, and a variety of therapies.
Wendy Mullins, Ph.D.
Dr. Mullins is an independent contractor
who obtained her Ph.D. in clinical
psychology from Fuller School of
Psychology in 2008. Over the past 10
years of training and practice, her
passion and interests have inspired her to
work primarily with children and families,
using play- and relationship-based
approaches to build healthy, happy
connections between family members.  
She enjoys using principles of
FloortimeTM. Wendy also utilizes
attachment techniques to help build
stronger parent-child relationships that
motivate more positive interactions and
William B. Walls, B.A.
Will is an independent contractor
currently pursuing an M.A. in
Counseling and Human Services. He
has a B.A. in Economics and has
worked with adolescents in varying
capacities for several years. Will also
has experience providing services for
children and adults who have an autism
spectrum disorder, as well as individuals
and families with addictions,
developmental disabilities, and physical
disabilities. He has a passion for helping
individuals and families interested in
personal development, developing a
healthier family system, coping with
bullying, improving interpersonal skills,
and developing life skills.
Craig Mullins, M.A.
Craig utilizes a person-centered
approach (congruence, empathy, and
unconditional positive regard) in a
nondirective manner to assist his clients
in meeting their treatment objectives. He
has 15 years of experience working with
infants, children, adolescents, individuals,
and families with social and emotional
concerns across a number of settings
(elementary school, treatment facility,
group home, in-home provider, and
counselor in private practice). Craig
specializes in counseling for: men,
couples, adolescents, parents of children
with developmental disorders, treatment
of adjustment disorder, paternal
postpartum depression, or overcoming
pornography addiction.
Amy M. Christian, PhD,
Dr. Amy Christian is an independent
contractor who specializes in using play
therapy integrated with components of
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to
help children with developmental
disabilities or autism. She also uses
cognitive behavioral therapy to help
adults with Asperger's Disorder develop
self-awareness and improve their skills.
Dr. Christian has a master's degree in
Rehabilitation Counseling and is a
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. She
also provides therapy for families facing
adoption, foster care, addictions,
trauma, and attachment disorders. Her
methods are integrative/ecclectic and
include dialectical behavior therapy,
trauma informed therapy, and EMDR in
addition to those mentioned above.
Sarah Stidham, M.A., LPC,
Sarah is an independent contractor who
specializes in play therapy and
trauma-focused cognitive behavioral
therapy for children. She also blends
expressive arts, mindfulness,
relaxation/meditation techniques, yoga,
and clinical hypnosis where needed.
Through her work experiences in the
past 6 years, Sarah has been able to
help children and their families heal from
trauma, nurture stronger relationships,
develop healthy life skills, and ultimately
reconnect with their internal strength and
Jackie Melton-Roeder,
Jackie is an independent contractor who
provides parenting education and
support and uses the principles of
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to
develop appropriate behavior
modification programs for children or
adolescents with autism or other
developmental disorders. She also uses
dialectical behavior therapy for treating
adults with personality disorders,
including those with Borderline
Personality Disorder.
If you are a
licensed clinician
with experience
and a passion for
helping people on
the autism
please feel free to
contact us at
719/473-9200 or
write to Dr. Thede
for more
regarding career